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With tolerance capabilities within 5mm and the ability to handle lengths from 7m to 30m, our cambering service produces ideal floor beams and roof trusses.

SC4 Chambering Services

We at SC4 offer the most adequate process to all those who are looking for cambering services in the UK. With the experience we hold and the team we have, there is surely no match in the market for our skills. Irrespective of the architectural and structural trends today, the cambered beams remain the foundation of any structure. We specialize in operating the chamber machine ensuring that you get the best quality service whenever needed.

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We have the Skill & Equipment needed for your chambering solution. Chambering is the process through which steel beams are pushed to compensate for the dead load deflections while increasing their load capacity. This process involves the placement of a permanent curve in the beam which then undergoes fabrication. There are two process of chambering – Hot & Cold. We offer them both.

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