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Cellular Beams

Cellular Beam

Structural Cellular Beams

Structural cellular beams are used extensively in the engineering and construction sector as they achieve long spans yet minimise the amount of steel needed.  We offer customers traditional high quality, cellular and castellated beams right up to 26m long, but having realised the importance of such beams in sustainable construction, we have now developed our own brand – The Herculean – the next generation of cellular beam….

Herculean – revolutionising cellular beams for sustainable construction

Herculean Beam logo

When you need cellular beams that…

  • Maximise structural strength
  • Minimise height & weight
  • Reduce steel costs
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Expedite production time
  • Are fully customisable

…contact SC4 – The Home of Herculean!

Herculean Beam

Designed to meet the demanding standards of modern architecture and construction, SC4’s Herculean Beam is the culmination of a 7-year collaboration with the leading academic in the field of cellular beams.  This partnership has produced the first innovation for 15 years in perforated beams, providing unique structural steel beams suitable for:

  • Floor and roof beams (main and secondary)
  • Rafters
  • Long spans
  • Service integrations.

Herculean Beam Photo

Why Herculean?

Herculean Beams optimise the web openings configuration, producing unique, larger cell openings that are variable in shape, size, pitch and orientation.  These produce less high-stress concentration with higher shear capacity, resulting in lighter, stronger beams, needing less steel, and a reduced building carbon footprint.

Compare the red high-stress concentrations on the circular web opening of standard cellular beams to those on the Herculean elliptically based Web opening.

Unlike other cellular beams available in the UK, Herculean Beams eliminate the need for infills or additional reinforcing fabrication work, significantly reducing fabrication man hours and cost.

They can be sourced from standard rolled sections, bespoke plate girders and composite asymmetric fabricated beams (using different size tees*), producing the ideal beam for your individual application.  Full bespoke design uses our optimisation software to offer best value engineering, maximise performance and weight savings, reducing fabrication time, cost, and carbon footprint.

*made on our patented beam splitting line.

Why SC4?

  • We’re on a sustainable construction mission!  
  • We are structural steel processing and fabrication specialists, guaranteeing quality.
  • We are an independent family business, no affiliations to competing steel manufacturers and fabricators
  • We offer comparative budget estimates at both tender stage or design concept stage.
  • Our state-of-the-art CNC machine lines can competitively produce high-quality cellular beams in-house, and at scale.
  • Supplied as either a plain carcass or a fully fabricated beam
  • We offer in-house cambering, along with coatings and galvanising through approved 3rd party suppliers providing a one-stop shop.
  • All size projects can be supplied (from 1 beam to 1,000)

Did you know?

SC4 has a full in-house steel fabrication team that can work on your project directly rather than transporting your plate fittings elsewhere.
If your contract requires bespoke or an adapted process, our technical team will review your needs and help build a strategy that can be incorporated into your estimate. We offer competitive lead times and flexibility to suit your project, working on both free issue material and full supply. 

If you want the simplicity of a fully managed project SC4 can also provide: