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Structural engineers are increasing the requirement for adjustment slots as they help decrease assembly times, whilst helping improve final structural stability and conformance with site conditions.

SC4 Milling Services

SC4 provides professional-grade superior precision milling services. We have all the latest equipment and technologies that one needs for milling. We have a wide range of milling machines including 3-axis machines to 5-axis ones, which allow us to satisfy all your needs when it comes to milling.

Along with the machinery, we have skilled machinists who have years of experience in operating milling machines. That’s not it. Our team also comprises CAD professionals who can aid in designing etc.

Our Capabilities

We are highly capable of providing milling services at any scale. All our machines are advanced and highly equipped to provide the precision needed in milling. High Precision Production, extensive material options, profitable custom design, and rapid prototyping is what you will get with our milling services.

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