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Midland Road Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire DN16 1DQ

+44 (0)1724 849 708

Being located in Scunthorpe we also have access to a network of world class blasting and finishing partners to provide every kind of coating, be it basic primer up to the most advanced intumescent fire protection.

SC4 Shot Blasting Service

We at SC4 provide you with high-precision shot blasting machines that offer ball peening which increases the resistance to stress in a metal. All our tools and machinery are handpicked by a team of experienced professionals who have years and years of experience ensuring the best results. With shot blasting, you can also increase metal’s resistance to fatigue, friction, and stress corrosion cracking. For this, we make small balls hit the material forming cavities in it, stretching it, and forming it. This process is called cold peening. During the process, the material pushes itself back to get into its previous state creating hemispheres with a high level of stress allowing it to extend the life of a material. This also helps improve the surface finish of the material.

SC4 Painting Service

Another service that we stand out in the market for is our exclusive painting service. We provide a flexible priming solution for all kinds of processed steel. 25-micron coverage of red or grey primer is what we provide as a standard service. Be it end to end or one flange exposed solution you need, we are here for you.

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